Why CDX?

CDX Advantages

  • Proven increased rate of return achieved on all vehicles
  • Low-cost vehicle disposal process per vehicle regardless of age or value
  • Full agent bid amount received by client panel members with zero deduction
  • Time-saving, making your business more cost-effective
  • Zero uploading required, as CDX handles everything
  • Assigned CDX account manager
  • Staff training
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • CDX System was built by and is maintained and fully supported by VMS in-house development
  • Protected by the latest encryption and security software


  • Fully Automated System with no uploading required
  • Auto-generated invoices
  • File Upload (VLC, CoD) - Hidden view optional
  • Inherited Charges upload
  • Payment reminder notifications sent to panel members
  • VLC change of ownership managed
  • CoD reminder notifications sent to matrix salvage agents

Agents / Buyers

  • Reputable and Approved Agents
  • No fee charged to panel members
  • Secure online price entry
  • Secure B2B confidential vehicle disposal system


  • Option for client panel members to (create agent shortlist, blacklist, etc)
  • Option to adjust client administration acceptance (manual or automated)
  • Option to accept, reject, retain or re-list any vehicle entered to the system
  • Ability to speed up vehicle disposal process deadline, which alerts all panel members of a new deadline

Category A and B / Low Value Vehicles

  • Category A & B Engineer Report Upload
  • Assigned to a designated salvage agent
  • Instruction and Notifications are sent for CoD Upload
  • CoD Confirmation by Matrix salvage agent
  • Recorded within the CDX system


Contact CDX today on 01-8270605 or info email address to find out what we can do for your business.